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Acne Rosacea is a skin ailment that leaves people red faced with chronic flushing. This is caused by the dilation of capillaries and blood vessels. Rosacea can also cause white pimples and blisters on the nose and cheeks. This condition can affect both men and women. IPL can successfully treat dilated blood vessels and redness without injuring the surrounding healthy skin, while greatly reducing the episodes of flushing with long-term effectiveness.

A professional and social depilating symptom of the condition is facial flushing. This is the chronic “red face” or extreme blushing experienced by rosacea sufferers. 

A highly successful treatment adopted by the Square Mile Clinic has been the two tier approach to this debilitating condition.

Our IPL experts specialize in the treatment of rosacea and are able to achieve good to excellent clearance of telangiectasia (Broken blood vessels) and the chronic red face, as well as a significant decrease in the intensity and duration of the facial flush, by simultaneously addressing the underlying condition with the use of natural supplementation.

Over the past eight years here at the Square Mile Clinic we have seen that following a rosacea diet has produced mixed results.  Most of our clients are City workers who are time pressured to say the least and have very little time to at attend to strict dietary demands. 

Consequently we have devoted considerable resources to supplementary research for Rosacea and have worked closely with nutritionists to find the most applicable supplementation to be used in conjunction with IPL for the control of the condition. We now incorporate supplements into our treatment programme with great success. 

It is also extremely important to add vitamin and mineral supplements to help control flare-ups, especially the “red face” blush.  Rosacea is not curable and there are a number of things that can trigger the appearance of acne rosacea patient’s experience. Certain minerals and vitamins have been proven effective in reducing these alarming symptoms.


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"The third call was to Sheila MacLean at Square Mile Clinic; it wasn’t just third time lucky I STRUCK GOLD."
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Charlotte L." Read the whole story

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"I have hereditary Rosacea... in my case after six full treatments I have to say was for all intents and purposes completely effective, something I had never considered possible."
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