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The Pulse-Light Clinic in London?

The Pulse-Light Clinic in London is staffed exclusively by experienced medical professionals. We use a Doctor consultancy and only qualified nurses who are highly skilled in Photorejuvenation IPL techniques.

The core function of our clinical team is focused on the delivery of Photorejuvenation treatments, with special emphasis on skin improvement and dealing with skin imperfections. Our experience and expertise in the treatment of Rosacea is immense.

Sheila MacLean RGN, BTEC Advanced Skin Laser Technology

Shelia has over 20 years nursing experience as a qualified registered nurse working in the National Health Service and in Private Medicine. She trained in alternative and complementary medicine and specialised in this field for a number of years. Her involvement in this area led to her interest in Intense Pulsed Light, a natural, non ablative treatment for skin conditions. For the past 8 years she has specialised exclusively in IPL treatments and in particular the condition of Rosacea. She completed the BTEC advanced award in skin laser technology treatment and applications at the laser training and education centre in 2004. She has wide experience of various skin complaints and their treatment with IPL.

At the Pulse Light Clinic she specialises exclusively in Intense Pulsed Light (I.P.L.) treatment. This has given her a wide experience of various skin complaints and their treatment with I.P.L.

She has developed a particular expertise in the treatment of Rosacea and hyper-pigmentation and is very impressed by the results achieved by this technology. She feels she has a treatment solution that really works well across the full gamut of Rosacea and other skin complaints with so little risk or side effects.

Ethos Medical Team At Pulse Light

Teena Williams Prescribing Nurse RGN Graduated from Australian Catholic University in 1995 with a bachelor of nursing. She specialised in neonatal intensive care then went on to do a diploma in midwifery. In 2001 she went to work for a cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Sydney as a cosmetic surgery nurse consultant, consulting clients on procedure and assisting in theatre. This thorough knowledge makes Teena one of the most in demand practitioners in the business.

Nutritional Therapist

Lisa Borg Dip BCNH

Lisa is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist with experience across a broad spectrum of health conditions. She has a special interest in Rosacea, which she has been focusing on particularly for the last 3 years. Her research, together with hands-on experience, led to the writing of her thesis entitled ‘The Nutritional Management of Rosacea’. As a member of the Pulse-Light Clinic team, Lisa is available for Nutritional Consultations on Rosacea and all other health conditions.

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"The third call was to Sheila MacLean at Pulse Light Clinic; it wasn’t just third time lucky I STRUCK GOLD."
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"I would highly recommend IPL treatment at the Pulse Light Clinic to anyone seeking collagen treatment. 
Charlotte L." Read the whole story

"Imagine my surprise therefore after the first treatment my age spots and sun damage pigmentation reduced enormously and my skin looked brighter and clearer than it has for many years. Pauline B." Read the whole story

"I have hereditary Rosacea... in my case after six full treatments I have to say was for all intents and purposes completely effective, something I had never considered possible."
Steve V.Read the whole story

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