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IPL Photo Rejuvenation
For Sun Damaged Skin

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments using the photo-rejuvenation process represents a breakthrough in age-defying skin treatment. This new technique treats sun damaged skin non-invasively, with no disruption of the skin's epidermal surface. IPL treatments address the effects of photo aging and sun damage with low risk of complications and little or no recovery time.

The visible signs of aging cannot be fully avoided, but can be dramatically minimized. The rate of these events is genetically determined for each person; the process first becomes noticeable between the ages of 30 and 35. Ageing results from exposure to the environment.

It is the critical element in determining who looks older or younger than their biological age. Exposure to sunlight is a key contributor to aging. Photo aging occurs, when collagen and elastin breakdown are not replaced within the skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles to intensify. Skin loses elasticity causing skin laxity. Photo aging also causes pigment changes with development of age spots (sun-induced freckles) and uneven skin tone. Dilated capillaries are another sign of photo aged skin. Lifestyle choices also have an impact on aging. Cigarette smoking contributes to the breakdown of elastin and collagen and impairs the body's healing capacity.

How Does  IPL Helps Restore the Skin's Youthful Glow?

Quantum IPLTM(Intense Pulsed Light) Technology is a treatment breakthrough that can correct a variety of benign skin conditions, such as facial skin imperfections, the signs of photo-aging, birthmarks, unsightly small veins and other blemishes. It offers a safe, non-invasive solution that can tailor to your individual condition and skin type, providing superior cosmetic results and outstanding satisfaction, through the process called Photorejuvenation

There are an overwhelming number of options available to improve aged skin's appearance, from creams and peels to microdermabrasion and laser treatments. Can any of these procedures provide significant improvement without interrupting daily routines?

IPL Skin Treatments using Photo-rejuvenation offers a solution that:

Addresses skin conditions that are most visible
Treats the entire face, not only small spots
Causes little discomfort
Offers an immediate return to routine activities
Provides gradual, natural-looking improvement.
Produces long-lasting results

Photo-rejuvenation with IPL is the most versatile of all treatment options. Patients often schedule appointments during their lunch hours. IPL can treat numerous skin conditions at once. It is effective on red blemishes that originate from blood vessels, as well as brown pigment blemishes in the form of freckles, age spots and other sun damage. IPL also treats the neck, chest and hands, where sun damage is often most visible.


At the SQURE Mile CLINIC, we offer a private and thorough consultation. Highly trained nurse practitioner will then determine an IPL treatment plan for each new patient, taking into account the severity of skin conditions being treated, as well as skin type. On average, three to six treatments are recommended, scheduled at three to four week intervals. Each session usually lasts about 40-45 minutes, with patients returning to normal activity immediately afterwards. IPL treatments provide gradual, natural improvement with excellent long-term results

What to Expect during treatment

A cold gel is usually applied to the area to be treated, and dark glasses are given to you to protect your eyes from the bright light. The hand piece is gently applied to your skin and pulses of light are applied. You may feel a slight sting, like a snapping of a small rubber band.
During treatment, a physician or trained nurse practitioner gently applies the smooth, glass surface of the IPL hand piece to the skin. Light is delivered to the skin surface in precise gradient movements. To realize the full potential of IPL and to ensure its safety, the person delivering the treatment must be an experienced, highly trained medical professional. This is the difference between success and failure with IPL.

IPL treats the damaged superficial layer of the skin, while delivering thermal energy to deeper tissue. Clinical studies are now available to measure the effect this energy has on collagen production, which helps firm and tighten the skin.

Why are multiple treatments necessary?

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating, and severity of the individual problem, a series of four to six treatment sessions may be recommended. You can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities.
By dividing the full program into several treatments the procedure provides gradual improvement with very low risk – and, it preserves the wonderful “no down time” feature that people appreciate so much

Imperfections from Sun Damage.

Facial imperfections or abnormalities can detract from your well being and appearance, no matter how healthy and young you feel. IPL technology helps create smoother looking skin. After a series of treatments, you can see a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation. The same treatment can be used effectively on the neck, chest, arms and hands.

Benign Vascular Lesions: Broken Veins and Capillaries

The face has an extensive network of veins and tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Over time, aging, trauma, sun exposure, and certain lifestyle factors cause a number of them to break appearing as red streaks or blotches on the face. IPL therapy can eliminate damaged veins and capillaries by removing virtually all traces of these unsightly blemishes




"The third call was to Sheila MacLean at Square Mile Clinic; it wasn’t just third time lucky I STRUCK GOLD."
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"I would highly recommend IPL treatment at the Square Mile Clinic to anyone seeking collagen treatment. 
Charlotte L." Read the whole story

"Imagine my surprise therefore after the first treatment my age spots and sun damage pigmentation reduced enormously and my skin looked brighter and clearer than it has for many years. Pauline B." Read the whole story

"I have hereditary Rosacea... in my case after six full treatments I have to say was for all intents and purposes completely effective, something I had never considered possible."
Steve V.Read the whole story

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